21 Photos Of Cats Using Technology
March 3, 2015 #cat #wafflesthecat
By Angela Lui
Here are some photos of me and my friends who are masters at using technology. 

"I love technology, it's a great way to keep warm" ~Waffles

1. Mom taught me how to use her computer... it makes this great humming noise and it's really warm.

Waffles The Cat

2. My friend Silvy is the best Netflix viewer I know. Unfortunately she still hasn't figured out how to avoid Skype calls with dad.

A photo posted by Silvy Sprinkle (@silvysprinkle) on

3. My friend Ray has been training for her fishing competitions on her iPad app.

A photo posted by Ray (@raysoriginal) on

4. The key is to use both hands and also your nose to press buttons and win at video games. Try it!

A photo posted by Oliver The Grey (@olliethegrey) on

5. Some friends are better than others at watching "birds on a ledge".

6. "See Mom... I CAN TAKE PHOTOS OF YOU TOO!!!" ~Talented photography cats

A photo posted by Tom Pritchard (@tomprit) on

7. Most parents love watching the news every night. When you turn away, my friends are usually trying to get the TV controls. Our favorite show is "Must Love Cats".

A photo posted by Jamie Grkinich Nix (@jmegrk) on

8. I don't always know what Instagram is, but sometimes things move on the screen.

9. We probably have so many Instagram followers because people realize we can do anything we set our minds to - like tech support for instance. 

"Hi, this is Liannan. What's your favorite fish!?" ~Liannan The Cat, Tech Support Expert

A photo posted by Jeremiah (@kd7dmp) on

10. Some of my friends can help create business plans.

A photo posted by @mattstadon on

11. And other friends can even help print important documents.

A photo posted by Steve Heyman (@330cic) on

12. You're not the only one addicted to online shopping.

13. Just catching up on some email.

A photo posted by @theoelgato on

14. Our meetings always* start on time! (*just kidding).

A photo posted by Johnny (@jone3007) on

15. My friends would also gladly let you watch TV with us... if there's room.

A photo posted by incognito_me (@incognito_me) on

16. Sometimes my friends know you're too lazy or tired to order food for yourself, so don't worry, we'll help you out and order some pizza. Anchovies!!!

17. My friend Basil will even play you some music while you chow down on your dinner.

A photo posted by Basil Bear (@sweetbasilbear) on

18. And for the nights you do cook, we'll watch the oven for you and make sure dinner doesn't burn since we know you've been having trouble figuring out all the buttons. 

A photo posted by Miluroco (@miluroco) on

19. Maybe you're applying to a new job. Some of my friends can help write references.

20. "Sometimes we can even help drive to the job interview" ~Certified Driver Cats

A photo posted by Marzipan (@heresfancynfriends) on

21. Don't worry, some of my friends might look like they're losing patience, but they're always willing to teach you new things and wait for you to catch up!

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