Cats Who Look Just Like Waffles
March 4, 2015 #wafflesthecat
By Angela Lui

Mom and dad like to take pictures of me all the time, and I've noticed that my furry friends have parents who do the same. We're always caught doing the same things and I wanted to show how much alike my friends and I are. Check us out!

 1. Me and my friends snoozing away. Can you guess which one is me? 
Hint: I'm on the left

Woodsy, Clem Fandango via Facebook

2. Here's our silly faces. We call this "the seal".

3. Us avoiding exercise at all costs.
4. A little taco tongue action. Some friends like A LOT, others like a little!

5. You can see that we all have our safe spaces. Ours happen to be boxes.
6. I guess all cats find their parents boring sometimes.

7. Me trying to figure out how to open this bag of snacks! Geno Meowkin on the right seems to have figured it out. I should learn from him.

8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a nosey brother who always wants to know what I'm doing.

9. And of course, I have many friends who find mommy more comfy than any pillow.

Well that was fun to meet some of my friends who act just like me! If you have friends who look like me, I would love to see them! Share this article, leave a comment, or post a photo for me to see!

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